Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Husband Chronicles Pt 6

The Husband Chronicles Pt. 6

A lot has come and gone in my life. My thirst for love has faded to bitter rage. My quest for peace & happiness has turned into a challenge.  Trying to see the rainbow through the fog has become a smoke and mirrors show.

Politics always pisses me off. They sit behind closed doors like li'l evil minions plotting what they are going to deem offensive next,  how to undermine the average person out of that last penny they have that makes them feel rich, and suck the happiness out of the American people while eating steak and laughing at horrible jokes, which they are.

The Confederate Battle flag, gay marriage rights, among other things like Ferguson, cops vs civilization,  and the increasing crime rate in our country has really brought me down.

Confederate flag comes first. The ignorance of people really profounds me so much to want to grab them and slap them with the bogus history books the government gives us. Its a matter of history, black and white (even Latinos) fought side by side against the oppression of the North. Abraham Lincoln and the U.S. government needed the Southern money to keep them going.  Slaves were set free, not by the North, but by Southern slave owners giving them free choices to fight or run. Most stood by the men who once they called master. The flag is just a battle, not the National CSA flag. Which has the stars and bars IN A CORNER on a majority white flag with a red band on the other end. If you must ban a flag of hatred and racist fascism, you only need to look at "Old Glory."

Gay marriage becoming legal countty wide is a victory of equal rights but as many has seen it has brought out the bigotry and hatred in many religions and people. The bible has been translated and re-translated over and over to "fit the needs" of those in power (I.e. Kings James Version, New International Version,  etc). You can't pick and choose what you want to follow and expect the gates of St. Peter to be wide open when you get there. Isis is a whole different kettle of fish and I'm not going there. September is right around the corner so Happy Pride everyone.

Not ready to tackle the remaining things on my mind as they are just a never ending battle.  Cops with body cams isn't going to stop anything as we've seen they mysteriously stop working during a struggle.  If people just could get along, maybe, just maybe this world  could be a better place.

Well that's it for now.  Love one another and keep the peace. Hugz


Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Husband Chronicles Pt 5

I wanna talk about several things that I know are really gonna kink some people's hair. These have been  subjects that has been on my mind for quite some time now. One has to do with gays and their “New Toy” syndrome. Other’s are gonna touch on political matters, personal matters, and whatever else I can think of to make this hotter than a fourth of July bonfire. 

I’ve noticed in my many years of bein’ out of the closet that gay men, and I’ve seen it in the lesbian and bi-sexual communities as well, do what I like to call the “New Toy” syndrome. This is where two people meet and both just can’t get enough of each other for the first few weeks and possibly first couple of months. Then one starts feeling more attracted to the other while the other one is getting bored and looking for the BBD, or Bigger Better Deal. Yeah, I know that some are saying this doesn’t always happen, and yes I know this, but I’ve seen it more times than I’d like to count and remember. If two people are truly into each other and have some common interests then yes there is a chance that something could blossom into a fruitful relationship. But let’s face it people it does happen more times than not. The sex looses it luster and shine, things become routine, etc. But with some, they don’t want to settle down and these are the losers that love to break people’s hearts more times than not. We even have some that when one person starts playing games the other starts to look for “revenge attention” with someone new. Then when the one playing games realizes they have lost that other person’s attention they stop with the games, throw on thick the “I’m sorry, I miss and love you” song and then again, someone gets left on the curb with a broken heart because the person looking for revenge attention goes back to the game player. 

Have I shaken the cage enough yet? LoL No? Let’s continue shall we?

I’ll personally say that I’ve not paid that much attention to the presidential crap that’s been going on. But I’ve heard and ready where there has been some nastiness thrown around. Romney especially. So how is it we are going to trust a man that is a Mormon who believe in multiple wives and a bunch of other weird things? Obama granted isn’t the best person for office either. SO, on a parting note on this Political Nightmare let me say this. No matter who you vote for it isn’t going to change much in our favor. We are still going to fight for equal rights, we are still going to fight for gay marriage, we might even have to fight to keep DADT out of the Military. It’s all a matter of picking the lessor of two evils but I will say that I’m gonna be the first one on the boat to Europe when shit hits the fan. LoL 

I’m gonna summarize something for y’all that don’t know much about me. I’m a 37 year old gay male living in the modern world, The real world. I see things around me, I analize the hell out of things and question everything. I’m not one that’s going to stand against a wall and act like things are fine. Sorry if there is a big pink elephant in the room, I’m going to point it out! I speak my mind, yeah I say things that I know will offend some, but like I tell everyone. I’m an EOO or Equal Oppurtunity Offender, and if I have offended you at some point. Then my job got done rather well, but if you stand beside me afterwards then maybe I can teach you something that’ll open your eyes. I was diagnosed with ODD, or Oppositional Defiant Disorder. which means I have a problem with Authority. So this means I don’t trust the police, the government, nor any political figure that says they have the power. You push me I am gonna push back and 10x’s harder. I don’t register to vote, I keep the GPS turned off on my cellphone, laptop, and any other device that is so nicely equipped with it. I drive an older vehicle so I can’t be traced nor tracked/ If I knew I could get away with it I wouldn’t tag it as that’s “BIG BROTHER’S” way of following you. I don’t trust cameras because they are everywhere and I feel that is an evasion of privacy. I am a proud gun carrying permit holder and own several firearms to protect myself. Like they say, Too Hell with the Dog, BEWARE OF OWNER! LoL  So this is a li’l bit into my world. I’m not an activist, but I’m a voice, an opinion, a person who can’t stand by and say “It’ll be ok!” when the world is going to hell in a handbasket. So on that note, I’m gonna say this. Take care of yourself, those close to you, and always keep and eye on the sky. Peace my friends. J

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Husband Chronicles Pt 4

The Husband Chronicles Pt 4

Hmm … Well, here it is several years later since my last Chronicle was written. A lot has changed. My location, life, jobs, etc. Yeah we even got the first black President in office. That’s a switch. Well I’m back in the Mid South Area again after many years bein’ gone. This place sure isn’t what it was when I left.

 Well I guess this time we are gonna touch on a few things that have happened over the years and a few things that I’ve learned lately. So this might be tame, but could go off like a Nuclear Bomb at any moment. So, keep your lead underwear handy. LoL

Well we lost DODT or Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in the U.S. Military. That’s a HUGE breakthrough on the behalf of the GLB&T community. We’ve had the First Lesbian Officer’s Kiss, and a picture of an Airman and His Marine floating around the net. The Prez shocked us all by sending a letter congratulating a GLB&T couple on their Marriage. I guess the world does change when you open your eyes and look around. We had a Prison in New York marry a Gay Inmate Couple. Another first in history! Now if we could jus’ get the U.S. Federal Gov to actually listen and give us EQUAL marriage rights (not this Civil Union crap either!) as Straight Couples we’d be happy as clams. Right? Maybe. I’m sure we’ll find something else to bitch about later. LoL But we’ve sure come a long way since the days of Stonewall.

Now, here’s the Nuke to really set the world on fire! Speaking of Gays, we’ve had a HUGE problem with Gay Youth Bullying lately!! This has resulted in Many, Many Gay Youth or Youth in general suicides! Why can’t our youth, the future of our existence, get some sort of protection as us adults? I mean shit fire people! We have HATE CRIMES going on all the time with our young people but are anyone doing anything about it? Um, Obviously NOT! Something’s gotta give folks! Parents I know aren’t helping the situation telling their children that Homosexuality is wrong and today’s Churches chime in with their praises too, which doesn’t help! We need better education in our schools, but wait a moment!?!?  TENNESSEE has passed bans on Homosexuality on several levels and many counties are going above and beyond the rulings. We, here in Tennessee, can’t say HOMOSEXUAL or even teach about HOMOSEXUALITY in our Schools! What kind of message are we sending to our Youth by doing this???

This brings me up on PREJUDICES and our SOCIETY in general! I’ve noticed that now that gays are getting more freedoms or rights and recognized a li’l more, the straight people are hoppin’ mad! I know of several races and religions are kickin’ in high gear over it screaming out how it’s the work of the devil, it’s morally wrong, it’s this, it’s that! I know I have to keep my life a secret except to those who need to know for the fear of getting beat. I live in the Bible Belt where it’s really not tolerated well but we don’t hear about the crimes that happen against our kind because it’s not “important” enough.  The police and Sherriff’s departments jus’ look the other way on these matters. Simply pat each other on the back and say “Good job!” or “That’ll teach them for bein’ gay.” It’s really sad to think that this sort of thing is still happening. I guess some teachings and traditions are hard to break, example: the KKK, Neo Nazis, etc.

Well I’m gonna take a step down on this soap box of mine and talk about something we can all relate to, straight, gay, etc. It’s on DATING in the 21st Century! I’ve been a member of POF (Plenty of Fish) and the likes. It’s really sad that I’m 36 yrs old and never made it past the dating stage in attempt after failed attempt to find Mr. Himself. It seems that everyone is jus’ out for a quick hook up anymore. Whatever happened to Monogamy and bein’ with one person? Yeah, I’ve dated women in my life too, but either way … Men or Women it seems that it’s all the same when it comes to dating. I’ve talked about it in my past Chronicles, but it never ceases to amaze me that I find something new. This time it seems we have the type of people that only call when it’s convenient for them. Then there is the “I’m in love with you after the first time we sleep together,” and my all time favorite, “What? You thought I was serious when I said I want something long term?” Sheesh, how dumb and low can people be when another person’s feelings are riding on a thin wire?  Don’t answer that. LoL  I think I’m jus’ to the point where I’m gonna call it quits and stay single. Obviously Mr. Himself or Herself checked out long ago and forgot to leave a forwarding address back in the 90’s.

Well I’m gonna leave you with this chapter to ponder over and I’ll be back soon with another one when some more Juicy Tidbits surface in this pool of human madness. LoL Y’all take care of yourself and each other.

Peace, Luv, and Hair Grease!

The Husband Chronicles Pt 3

The Husband Chronicles Pt 3

Well alright! Here we go for Part 3 of this snowball I’ve started called “The Husband Chronicles.” I know some of you are probably wondering why I continue with this. Well I’ve always wanted to start tryin’ to write again and this gives me a chance to stretch my fingers. I’m reaching deep I my mind and goin’ through file folders I haven’t thought about in years. This is also proving good therapy for my hands as Arthritis has started setting in making it hard to do some things I used to do. Yeah I build model cars but that works other parts of my hands not the fingers so much.

Alright now that I’ve yet again bored ya, LoL, let’s get this train a rollin’, shall we? Today’s topic is going to blow the roof of some people’s house, minds, what have ya. LoL We are gonna dabble in with these two faced, liars we call, people (?). Other things will be Gay Politics, so get out your notebooks, LoL, and Gay Drama. Let’s get started.

Now to you back-stabbin', two faced liars, we call people. You need to stop all this non-sense!  If a man has to ruin someone else's name then it must mean they think of themselves as SHIT and not a real person. Why go spreading rumors and gossip when you know nothing about a person and their demeanor or what you think is right or wrong about them. To tell lies is like cryin' wolf one too many times and soon no one is gonna listen to you or hear your cry for help when you really need it. A fake facade isn't always good either. For when you put on a fake face to someone's face and when they finally see you for who you really are then that friendship is shot from that day on. NOT GOOD! Then who you gonna turn to when you need a shoulder to cry on?

Now, to really step out on a cliff (and I hope I don’t slip here) let’s really stir up some dust. Let’s talk about Gay Politics, shall we? Ok, here we go. Now here’s a subject of ill repute with me. It never ceases to amaze me why the Politicians don’t take the gay community seriously! We are always holding this yearly “Parade” and spouting “We’re here, we’re queer, and we aren’t going anywhere”. Seriously now folks, that’s not going to get us anywhere any time fast. Yes we want gay marriage, we want equal rights, we want, we want, we want. That’s all I seem to hear anymore and the gay community is starting to sound like a spoiled 3 yr old child. GROW UP! Granted we’ve come a long way from the age of Stonewall and the actions that followed after that. It’s funny I see a lot of faults in ourselves and the reason we get the reactions we do from the public and politicians. I’ve actually sat in a state deliberation once in Nashville, TN. They quote – unquote said about the gay community, “Well if this is the way they are going to carry on in public then why should we listen to them.” Gee, that sounded positive, and the funny thing is it was around the time jus’ after the Gay Pride Festival in Centennial Park of 2004, and the fights that broke out in several bars afterwards. Bravo! Way to go! This really makes me wanna be a part of any further activities, and I haven’t been either. Thank you for really opening my eyes to the way of “Modern Gay Times” folks.

Now this brings me to something else that is a 3 ft flame under my ass. GAY DRAMA!  This will really curl some toes and possibly make ya mad, so You’ve been warned! Now life isn’t fair. Granted, we all have our times of ups and downs, but I’m getting sick of all the drama that a lot of people get prissy over. Lord knows we all have our own little bit of drama in our lives from day to day. Why do some feel they have to throw theirs out on the public for them to deal with? It’s neither right nor fair on anyone.  One thing that really burns my cookies is when someone has a problem with someone else. Lord, don’t spat it out in the local chat room, MySpace, or some other website. Take it in private cause nobody wants to hear your business or what’s going on with you and the other person involved. If I have a beef with you, Lord knows, I’m going to deal with it right then and there in a private setting or in person, and tell you how the cow ate the cabbage and the goat ruined the beans!!

Now that I’ve made an excuse for you to go to the hair salon or coffee shop, I’ll step off my soap box again and let the internet cool for a bit.

My closing for today is this: It jus’ makes me unhappy knowing I am who I am and glad I don’t get involved too much in gay affairs like Gay Pride and other events. For it saddens me knowing the Straight Community doesn’t go around holding theses types of events or parading their sexuality in our faces like the gay community does.

Thanks for reading my blogs and I’m sorry if I have offended anyone.

Peace, Luv, and Hair Grease

The Husband Chronicles Pt 2

The Husband Chronicles Pt 2

Well here we go again. I’ve started the Husband Chronicles and I guess I’m gonna try and keep up with this. It’s kinda fun now that I’ve not really anything better to do than sit around and write.

Y’all heard me rant and rave about homosexual men and their “odd” ways and tendencies. Yeah I guess ya could say I’m “half” gay since I am a bi male. Yeah I’ve been married, but it wasn’t anything to write home to momma and brag about. I gave up on anything ever becomin’ fruitful and meaningful with a woman after meeting one that was obsessed and felt compelled on knowing exactly where I was and what/who I was doing all the time. After 20 yrs of this nonsense I finally got it to end, which brings me to something I’ve been thinking about.

Why is it I seem to find the ex-cons, psychos, straight-gay confused men, or all out total fruit loops? I don’t have any money or anything of real value to steal, more debt than the U.S. Treasury, and about as grounded as a wingless fly. So, why me? Is it ‘cause I have such a big heart?  I’m not all that and a bag of chips in a picnic lunch nor hung like an Arabian Stallion. Greatest part of my life is what I do have, bein’ very li’l as it is, is paid for and mine! Granted I’ve met some wonderful guys, but as always, they find something they can’t handle and bolt like they’ve been hit by lightning. Enough of my personal tragedy as I’m not Shakespeare and this isn’t a love sonnet.

Now comes the time where I’m gonna be the 3 ft flame under some people’s ass. Now that I’ve bored ya it’s time to really shake things up! Let’s talk about “typical” gay men, age discrimination, and the such.

Yeah you heard me right! I’m gonna go off like a Black Cat in a mailbox on this subject. There is a few things in my life that really bother me about gay society and it makes me wake up and realize that I'm not your typical queer gay fag! Yes I know most find those words harsh and degrading but GET OVER IT!  Life isn't fair and neither are the cards we are dealt in life. Yeah some get off scott free with a life of HaHa's and HeHe's and then there are others who get dealt what is really called THE TRUTH! A foot to the ass kind of life that makes some of us tough, prepared, and ready for what comes our way.  Well I'm one of those people. I'm just your good ole fashioned cowboy! I'm the last of a dyin' breed......what they call a gentleman. I am me and that's all I can be! I'm just the person who can be comfortable in his own skin weather it be in a gay or straight bar, at home or out with friends, in the car goin' somewhere or just sittin' at the park shootin' the shit with friends. Gettin' outside with nature or under the hood of a car doesn't bother me one bit ‘cause I was taught if you want something done you gotta do it yourself!

Now on this age thing!  It really burns my ass and I wish people wouldn't be so damn judgmental on a person’s age. Age is a number and with that number comes wisdom and knowledge. Something I have learned in life is that no matter how old we get we are always learnin' something new. They say you can't teach an ole dawg new tricks! Well I say Bullshit! ‘Cause I have seen it done many of times. If you want someone around your age that is "mature", then you are gonna be searchin' for a long time. Life around us is humor and we are always gonna find somethin' funny about somethin' around us. We are all kids at heart (unless you’re a stuck up bitch!) and that means we are always gonna find fun, humor, and enjoyment in something around us. I'll admit I'm a big juvenile adult and love to have fun! Campin', fishin', horseback ridin', shootin' pool, throwin' darts, practically anything I can find enjoyment in one shape, form, or fashion! I’ll step down off my soap box for now. I’ll drag this baby back out in the next segment. So you better install your seatbelts now and get ready for take off. LoL

Oh By-The-Way! I’ve found the best saying anyone could ever live by, next to the Serenity Prayer. This is how it goes: “I’m selfish, Impatient, and a little Insecure! I make mistakes, I’m out of control, and at times hard to handle! BUT, if you can’t handle me at my worst, then YOU sure as Hell don’t deserve me at my best!!”  The late, Marilyn Monroe

Peace, Luv, and Hair Grease!

The Husband Chronicles Pt 1

The Husband Chronicles Pt 1

Ok, time to express things that are on my mind. Yeah as this is a rare occurrence but it’s something I need to get off my chest and see who actually reads these things. LoL

Well I dunno what’s up lately if I’m losin’ my mind or what. I’ve read numerous profiles lately about “I wanna meet Mr. Right, Mr. Perfect, My Dream HusBear.” The list is continuous and way too long for me write.  I’m sorry Mr. Right happens to be Mr. Right Now (and probably in your bed right now), Mr. Perfect died back in the 80’s when HIV was first reported, and HusBear? Um, are we man-imals now? Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I know I’m a member of a couple of rather well put together websites that refer to bigger beefier guys as Bears, Cubs, Otters, etc.

I’m sorry, at my nice age of 34 yrs old I’d settle for Mr. Himself. A guy who can be himself, not try and pretend to be Billy-Badass, Mr. Money Bags, or someone that I’m gonna throw out the door in 3 weeks due to the fact of bein’ a psycho. I’ve had too many scares with idiots that wanted to be “jus’ friends” but ended up wanting other things instead. In this day an age of homosexual men where the hell have all the good ones gone? I dunno why some act like Faeries who are nothin’ more than bar flies who need grounded by traffic control, or those who are “straight acting!” Um, if you have to “act” straight jus’ to get someone then put those skills of actin’ to work and make some money from it in Hollywood. The older “Actors” are getting ready to retire and we need fresh meat on the big screen. Sorry Zac Afron you jus’ don’t churn my butter! Then we have those who are drag queens, flamers, etc. Ok, this will really curl some people’s hair but I honestly don’t give a shit! There you’ve been warned if you wanna read further. IF I wanted a woman I’d still be married to one with kids runnin’ around my feet screamin’ Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! If I have to carry a fire extinguisher around for the fear of  you catchin’ the drapes on fire when you walk past them, then I don’t need ya. Drag Queens, best stick with the Faeries – Bar Flies…. Lord knows y’all guys are two peas in a pod!! Oh and this new fad of Fuzzies, Furries, or whatever you call yourselves. Get a new hobby! That’s jus’ creepy!!

Now, with all this said I left the most important part for the end. WHERE are all the MEN!! The guys who like to go camping, fishing, canoeing, you know, MANLY THINGS! The ones who like bein’ with guys sexually, intimately, but still can be THEMSELVES!  NO Acting Required, Dresses left on the rack for the next teeny-boppers, Feathers left for the birds, etc. I swear people I’ve put my feelings on the back burner for WAY TOO LONG and it’s time for me to say it again.

I’m lookin’ for MR. HIMSELF. A guy who’s not scared of bein’ a guy and gettin’ dirty workin’ on the car, the yard, or something around the house. A guy who has a damn good sense of humor, can be sensual, someone that can love unconditionally, trust completely, and accept me for all my flaws. Yeah damn I am a diamond in the rough, but then WHO THE HELL TAIN’T THESE DAYS!! Jus’ a li’l polishing and I’ll shine like a brand new penny. Lord knows I’m not askin’ for a lot here. I’m not askin’ for someone who is an IDENTICAL Carbon Copy of me. I jus’ want someone who can “share” in some of the things I like as I’ll do the same for that person. I guess from proofreading what I jus’ wrote it’s no real big surprise why I’m still single after all these years. Yeah I’ve been kissed, Yeah I’ve been loved (and hope I can love again),  yeah I’ve got some baggage but hell I’ve carried it alone all this time I can keep doin’ it without anyone’s help. I guess I’ll stop here as I’ve already got some things rollin’ in my head for another blog. LmAo Check back again soon. I’ll be doin’ this again soon.

Luv, Peace, and Hair Grease!